Maybe you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary look with clean lines. Or maybe you want something more traditional. Cambium Cabinets have got you covered. We give you just the right number of design options to start with: 7 different Door Styles

3 different door styles Shaker (5-piece), Regency (5-piece) and Nova with 7 finishes: Snow White, Linen, Pewter, Natural, Copper, Mocha and Chocolate.

3 different door styles Shaker (5-piece Mitred), Beveled (5-piece Mitred) and Euro with 5 Colors: Cotton Mist, Morning Dew, Summer Drops, Dust and Black Velvet.

Also available is our Euro High Gloss door style with 4 Colors: White, Mochaccino, Charcoal Grey and Black.

Shaker Doors & Drawers (5-piece)


Shaker Doors & Drawers (5-piece Mitred)


Regency Doors & Drawers (5-piece)

Beveled Doors & Drawers (5-piece Mitred)

Nova Doors & Drawers

Euro Doors & Drawers

Euro High Gloss Doors & Drawers